Salsa Espinaler


This tangy sauce is a favorite in Barcelona, where it is sprinkled on seafood, fresh potato chips, plump olives and any number of tasty tapas. It has a bright vinegar flavor blended with a secret spice mix. The whimsical fish on the label recalls a time long ago, when this sauce was invented by the owner of a small shop by the sea.

In 1896, Miguel Riera i Prat opened Tavern Espinaler to serve the local fishermen. Over the following generations, his family expanded the menu of offerings as their business prospered. In 1950, a special sauce was invented to serve with the delicacies by Ventura Roldo, wife of Miguel’s grandson.

Word of this delicious sauce spread across Barcelona, and it was in such demand that the family began bottling it in their now famous bottles. The Espinaler tavern still exists, and now features extraordinary canned seafood from Galicia.

Use it with salads, potato chips, boiled vegetables, fried eggs, calamari, seafood and olives. It will add a spark to your guacamole!