10 ways to eat sardines


A healthy addition to your diet, sardines can be enjoyed in many different ways. Here are our top ten quick recipes to help you create the perfect sardine moment.

Pinhais is one of the oldest Portuguese canneries and their tinned sardines are arguably the best in the world. Their Spicy Sardines are our customers’ favourite and they will work well in any of the snacks below. 

Sardines in a salad

Sardines on toast with avocado

Sardines with a splash of lemon

Sardines with sundried tomatoes

Spicy Sardines on toast with hard boiled egg slices

With scrambled egg

Small sardines on a skewer with fresh tomato and fresh basil

Sardines in tomato sauce with coriander and lemon on a freshly baked tortilla

Sardines in olive oil in a sandwich with salad leaves

Or just on their own with a glass of white wine and some friends

Jose Rivero